We do not exist as a singular element. Our genetic make up is a stepping stone to our individuality, but even then, our genetic make up is not a singular entity. As we grow, we learn and unlearn, we experience and we forget, we take and we give back. There’s more variation in our individuality per day.



The purpose of our life long purpose is to show the power of taking from already existing and creating out of it. Originality in unoriginal, unoriginal thoughts mixed up to create.



We are a community of people who want to experience fashion culture in its purest form but without access to it. Our purpose is to take from those who do have, we take their knowledge, their history, their principles, their thoughts and processes, we take all they have and more to create our own defination of fashion from it.


Black and low toned garments in our essence because of its reliabilty. We do not have to be seen from a distsnce to be of equal value. we are the diamond in the dark for those who have the eyes to see and light in the dark for those who have kept their eyes shut long enough.


We celebrate youth culture because this is the tunnel between the past and the future, where the paradigm shift begins. We learn the rules to break and those to follow and with it an heart aching desire for revolution.


We will take the ideas, history, principles of the past and present to reform our future. we will take from your story to tell our story. We will take from you to build the future.

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